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San Francisco Chronicle
"A story rich in humor and sadness and truth and embellishment, full of life's incalculable, unpredictable graces and missteps and inevitabilities. It is the story Oscar Casares was born to tell."
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
"Pitch-perfect prose...Knowing, touching and true...An exceptional first novel."
"Amigoland's poignant imagery and wisecracking leads make it hard to put down. Casares is at his best when describing the downfall of the fiercely independent Don Fidencio... Readers will remember this well-drawn crank even after this witty, affecting novel's final page."
Dallas Morning News
"Part of the pleasure of the novel: It's different from so much else out there... Casares has crafted characters who are not powerless in the face of infirmity and thus cannot be reduced to caricature...Casares has proven himself to be a writer with a big heart. This debut novel indicates he's also a writer with a big future."
Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"A winning novel...It's plain to see how love, borders, death—and most of all, willful ignorance—are part of everyday reawakenings. With Casares's blessing, you can laugh at them all."
Houston Chronicle
"Passages that shimmer off the page and stick in the reader's mind... Casares makes it look easy."
"Casares's comedy of missed cues and carefully tended rancor makes the revelations at the end of the book...testify all the more eloquently to the strange and unpredictable paths that memory can take."
Minneapolis Star Tribune
"Casares lovingly and humorsly creates these aging characters, who humdrum lives and small-scale dramas nonetheless burn bright with a belief in possibilities and a demand for respect."
Book Page
"Oscar Casares' Amigoland, his first novel and a follow-up to his much-acclaimed book of short stories, Brownsville, is a liberating journey full of warmth and color...The group's impromptu trip to Mexico feels like a refreshing, rejuvenating trip for the reader as well as the characters. And the ending? Bittersweet, unexpected and undeniably precious. All told, Amigoland is full of new friends and makes for perfect summer reading."

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